The labor market

Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS releases new national employment projections for over different occupations. Write better job descriptions 2. Based in part on the workshop paper she coauthored Gatta, Boushey, and Appelbaum, blabor economist Eileen Appelbaum Rutgers University questioned whether Autor assumed that, because service jobs such as child care workers receive low pay, they are unskilled workers performing manual tasks.

Finally, one can look at the education and training requirements of jobs. Not every worker who loses his job can simply move into healthcare work, particularly if the jobs in demand are highly skilled and specialized, such as doctors.

Among these 10 clusters, the two largest in —professional and related occupations and service occupations—accounted for Second, Autor argued that computerization and outsourcing of work to other nations are both likely contributors to this polarization Autor, Levy, and Murnane, b; Levy and Murnane, This is especially true in Oregon relative to much of the country.

These factors don't always have such straightforward consequences, though. He noted that rapid technological change may have profound impacts on the labor market. He noted that many mid-level jobs are not disappearing—including jobs in technical support, crafts, health care support, and transportation—and will generate large numbers of new openings as the current job-holders retire.

Check social media profiles 5. Need a customized report about the labor market in your geographic area. The job market consists of a majority of blue collar and white collar jobs.

Furthermore, we only used the occupations that appear most frequently in the dataset, potentially leaving large swathes of the labor market out.

Relevant measures include unemployment, productivity, participation ratestotal income and gross domestic product GDP. The second cycle impacting the tight labor market is demographics, which are structural. To do that, we use a dataset from the online labor market data company Burning Glass, which scrapes job posting information from thousands of websites to populate a vacancies database with rich information for the characteristics of each vacancy.

The existence of some professions in the arts and non-profit sector undermines the notion of maximizing utility.

When we weigh labor markets by their level of employment, as measured by the BLS, we find that 17 percent of U. As a result, wages for the same work can remain higher in some locations than others.

However, when labor migrates to developed countries, migrants tend to remain within their original segment, receiving less compensation than native workers. Want to receive our newsletter. If the opposite is true, it makes rational sense to take on more labor.

Overall, the national economy is projected to create 19 million new jobs and to generate an additional 34 million job openings due to retirements and job turnover. That paper was based on data from the online job-posting website CareerBuilder, which covers only about a third of job postings.

Although some of the competencies are likely to be most valuable in professional jobs, adaptability includes interpersonal adaptability and environmental adaptability, which are important in manual jobs. The labor market is tight and expected to remain so until the next recession.

Previous literature that allowed for firm-level wage-setting finds that labor supply elasticity to the individual firm is low and hence that firms have the power to set wages below the market product of labor.

Focus on soft skills 4. A country with an aging population will see demand for many goods and services decline, while demand for healthcare increases.

Labor Market Information

Nonagricultural Wage and Salary Employment Estimates for Ohioin pdf, includes seasonally adjusted employment, by industry, for the most recent month, the previous month and the previous year.

The large Baby Boomer cohort now about years old are continuing to age into their classic, or active retirement years. Keep an eye on your reviews The bluegreen Research Institute provides grant writing, program development and research services to a variety of public, private and governmental entities that impact workforce and economic development in the United States.

Learn about an occupation. Discover which occupations are in demand or decline. Click on an occupation title to get a job description, wages, employment projections and educational requirements. Diagrams and explanation. Demand for Labour.

Supply of Labour. Wage Determination. Monopsony. Labour market imperfections. Flexible labour markets. Minimum wages and gov't intervention. A product market is concentrated when a few firms dominate the market.

Labor Market Infographics – Know Before You Go

Similarly, a labor market is concentrated when a few firms dominate hiring in the market. Using data from the leading employment website, we calculate labor market concentration for over 8, geographic.

Labor Market Economists analyze and interpret labor force and economic data to help users understand the effects of trends on employment and economic growth for Wisconsin. Labor Force Characteristics of People with a Disability.

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Freedom of Information Act. Nov 02,  · America’s labour market: Wage growth surges, just in time for the Trump presidency. Jan 6thfrom Free exchange. The average pay .

The labor market
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