Product market expansion grid

Diversification is when the business introduces new offerings in new markets. Ansoff product market growth strategy Dhirendra Kumar, Market penetration: However, this strategy was unsuccessful. This usually covers products that are also existent in an existing market.

Explain the marketing strategy and tactic mistakes Google made when introducing the Nexus One. There are three major approaches to increasing current product's market share: Market penetration Product modification already complete; no change in market potential.

How to Use the Tool It's fairly straightforward to use the Ansoff Matrix to weigh up the risks associated with a number of strategic options. Market Penetration Product Development With this approach, you're trying to sell more of the same things to the same market. While companies diversify to avoid some risks, it is entering into other forms of risk at the same time.

Market development is a growth strategy that selling the existing product into new market segments. This is usually determined by focusing on whether the products are new or existing and whether the market is new or existing.

Backward upstream vertical integration is when a company owns some of the subsidiaries that produce some of the inputs used in the production of its products.

You can also use the Ansoff Matrix as a personal career planning tool. Market Development expand sales in new markets through expanding geographic representation. There are two types of diversification, namely related and unrelated diversification.

There are numbers of advantages attached to merger. Lastly, the competition from Microsoft is also one of the threats to Google Company.

Here we market our existing products to our existing customers. Diversification Strategy is the enlargement of new products in the new market.

The Ansoff Matrix

Further, the market development is a growth based strategy where existing products are basically sold in the new and non-penetrated market sectors Petersen et. Product development, in the lower right quadrant, is slightly more risky, because you're introducing a new product into your existing market.

The Ansoff Matrix

Target different geographical markets at home or abroad. On the other hand, merger can make effective co-ordination and control to become difficult thereby causing great reduction in efficiency and profitability.

The Product Market Strategy (Ansoff Matrix)

It also helps you analyze the risks associated with each one. Then plot the approaches you're considering on the Matrix.

product/market expansion grid strategy

Such products are then marketed to our existing customers. Backward integration is described as the firm diversifies closer to the sources of raw materials in the stages of production. An example would be a farmer buying or renting more land to grow more of the same c…rops he already produces or starting to produce a wider range of crops.

Develop a new marketing strategy to encourage more people to choose your product, or to use more of it. One can diversify from a food industry to a mechanical industry for instance. Market penetration, in the lower left quadrant, is the safest of the four options.

It identify new market segments for existing products Harrison, Introduce a loyalty scheme. It involves combination of two or more companies coming together to form a new corporate organization. The main objective of horizontal integration is to grow the company in size, increase product differentiation, achieve economies of scale, decrease competition or enter new markets.

Product diversification New product; market potential increases since no brand of Gap Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic was specifically targeted toward women over. The BGA market is driven rapidly due to its low cost, denser type of packing and also higher performance. The increasing demand for diverse and smaller size packaging from electronic OEM’s drives the global BGA market.

Also, increasing semiconductor and IC chip industry drives the global BGA market. Can you name the Product/Market Grid. Can you name the Product/Market Grid Test your knowledge on this miscellaneous quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others.

Sometimes called the Product/Market Expansion Grid, the Matrix (see figure 1, below) shows four strategies you can use to grow. It also helps you analyze the risks associated with each one.

The idea is that each time you move into a new quadrant (horizontally or vertically), risk increases. The Product Market Expansion Grid, also called the Ansoff Matrix, is a tool used to develop business growth strategies by examining the relationship between new and existing products, new and existing markets, and the risk associated with each possible relationship.

Name and describe the four product/market expansion grid strategies. KFC is now rolling out a new Kentucky Grilled Chicken line to add to its traditional fried chicken lineup.

Product market expansion grid: We will be following the same strategy for our expansion as does nestle ice-cream do and they would be, Low cost operator Low cost operator in terms of using minimum initial investment - to not to overload the business with expensive assets.

Product market expansion grid
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Name and describe the four product/market expansion grid strategies and explain which strategy