Marketing positioning of sunsilk shampoo

Layout and color choices on shampoo packaging can make or break how consumers view their products on the shelves. The result is some advertisement may not be noticed and some consumers will become irritated with the clutter.

The advertisement will be located on the coversheet behind of the magazines, even though putting there will be more expensive, but more people would see it through clearly.

Kapan Lagi 2. Does your new shampoo formula contain honey, lemon grass, or rosemary. In addition, this will lose the effectiveness to the advertisement itself.

Not many shampoos are marketed specifically to men. In addition, people will think that only Sunsilk that can make people hair become blacker and shinier. The creative strategy statement for Sunsilk is the marketer strategy to make event in Monas and give free hair treatment by washing their hair to the consumers so that the people can try the product, this become one of promotion to achieve the company goals.

Sunsilk Shampoo are targeting female, starting from 21 to 25 years old. The disadvantages of using magazine are costly. Develop and maintain regular use of backstage shampoo among 25 percent of the target audience Expecting our target market are satisfied with the performance of the shampoo, by using the reinforcements advertising and comments by the professional or hair specialist.

Why is long, thick, shiny hair so important to us, anyway. Standing out from the Suds Unlike many beauty products, shampoo is one that can be experimented with, since it is a low-cost product that involves little purchase risk. This can increase the sales and gain profit for the company because of the creativity design in internet.

Market Research Director As a market research director, the psychology of marketing falls under your jurisdiction. Sunsilk product used internet to promote the product because nowadays, most of the people open internet to find a data or information.


However, they are also seen as the most good-natured Source: Otherwise, the woman's face and expression were exactly the same in each of the three pictures. Therefore, this website is suitable for the target audience, which is young adult that often open the website to find new friends, find old friends and the most important thing; they can share information with other people.

For more information on how psychology and marketing intersect, click here. For more information on how psychology and marketing intersect, click here. Characteristics affecting consumer behaviour Social class- Sunsilk is good in the market about to the social environment.


After investigating further, we must not only be depending on the promotional strategy, we must also consider the distribution factor of the product that we are promoting on the time.

Some people tend to believe in a product launched by a big, famous and powerful company. Women with short, tousled hairstyles think Meg Ryan are seen as the most confident and outgoing Women with long, straight, blond hair are perceived as the sexiest and most affluent Women with medium-length, natural-looking hairstyles are seen as the most intelligent and easy-going Men Men wearing short, tousled hairstyles come across as the most confident and sexy … but also the most self-centered Men with medium-length, side-parted hair are viewed as the most intelligent and affluent Men with long hair are generally perceived as the least intelligent and most careless.

These findings reinforce other evidence showing that more consumers are turning to natural beauty products as a healthier alternative to shampoos and conditioners that contain high levels of chemical ingredients.

For a woman with curly, frizzy hair, a silkening formula like Biosilk should advertise that quality to her. The summery describes the history, mission, vision, purpose, and Sunsilk’s total brand and how company strategy manages these brands for segmentation, targeting, and positioning.

This reporttells us that how company selects their segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy for. Promotional Campaign for Sunsilk Shampoo Tittle: Integrated Marketing Communications Plan on Sunsilk Shampoo Source: Journal of Marketing Shampoo is a low involvement product.

On the positioning strategy, we are learning to understand that every young adult are expecting to be delighted. report tells us that how company selects their segmentation,targeting and positioning strategy for a specific product sunsilk report tells that what are the pricing,promotion, and packing strategy of sunsilk also mentions that what is the version of sunsilk shampoo launch into the market according to.

lifestyle´ Sunsilk was launched in, is the largest beauty shampoo brand in the country. Positioned as the'Hair Expert', Sunsilk has identified different hair needs andoffers the consumer a shampoo that gives her the desired results. Marketing Positioning Of Sunsilk Shampoo Garnier fructis — Presentation Transcript 1.

MARKETING MANAGEMENT 1 PRESENTATIONBRAND DOSSIER OF “GARNIER FRUCTIS” 2. SUNSILK Color Shampoo is delivering Consumer Promise Marketing Slogan Marketing Slogan is a tag line that company uses to make its customer easy to remember its product.

Marketing positioning of sunsilk shampoo
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